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Hop On Hop Off Through History

Pick, Pack and Sell – From Field to Market

Croatian Art Workshop

  • Visit Zagreb museums in companion with young croatian artists. Learn about some of croatian world famous painters, and sculptors.  Then inspired with their legacy try to express your impressions within an art workshop   where you will try to do a master piece of your own.

Local Folk Dance School

  • Learn how to dance croatian folk dances. Put on the colourful folk costume and proudly present to the public what you have learned in an official performance on music  pavillion on Zrinjevac square.

Try to win the game!

  • Croatian are good in various Sports.
    Try to win the game! Handball , Football, Hockey, Basketball.We  organize the game with local sport club. Get some adrenaline and be proud of your team.

Klapa Multipart Singing

  • Klapa multipart singing is croatian traditional multipart singing without instruments. It is protected as UNESCO intangible heritage. Learn how to sing a traditional Croatian song in Croatian language and proudly present your knowledge at the music pavillion on Zrinjevac square

Orientation Trekking on Medvednica Mountain

  • Medvednica – Nature Park  in close proximity to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Due to its numerous landscapes trails, mountain houses, historical monuments and recreational areas, the central part of this wooded mountain gives an impression of a spaicious city park. An orientation trekking with tasks and reward points is organized from bottom to the top of the mountain.

Triatlon at Jarun Lake

  • Jarun lake, a popular getaway for residents in all times of the year. Funny triatlon (biking, kayaking and  roller skating) and after party in  numerous caffes and clubs along the lake.

Wine  & Opera

  • Our superb escorted Opera & Wine Tours combine day times spent exploring the vineyards with leisurely lunches at wine estates and evenings attending great Opera. The performances are at world famous venues with very good seats!

Walk & Fly

  • Why not discover the most beautiful cultural and natural sights of continental Croatia? During these five fantastic excursions you will explore Zagreb, the Croatian countryside and breathtaking natural sights on foot and from a bird’s eye perspective. These great excursions take place every day in small groups lead by professional, friendly and entertaining guides with excellent historical knowledge of the region.
    Tours can be combined with different add-on services such as wine-tasting, lunch or a coffee break, depending on your preferences!

 Ethnomusic Tour

  • Once upon a time when giants lived on the Earth, a man was walking along a river bank. He was alone. Only the wind played around his shoulders, running here and there through the reeds that grew along the riverbank. Suddenly, he heard a strange sound, different from any other sound he had ever heard before. Silence, then the sound again. Silence, then the sound again. With every gust of wind, he would hear the sound, which stopped as the wind abated. The man approached the reeds to discover what creature made such strange sounds. He did not see anything, only one hollow, split reed stem that stood out from the rest. The wind blew again, the reed vibrated and he heard the sound again. The man’s heart was full of joy; he took the broken reed and blew into it. Since that time, he was never alone again. It was a long, long time ago, at the dawn of the human race, but this relationship between the wind, the reed and Man has lasted until today. Although the times and the world are different, we believe that even today, somewhere deep in the forest the fairies dance when someone somewhere plays the bagpipes, shepherd’s pipes or at least a twin-reed.
    Let us take you to the miraculous world of old Croatian traditional instruments.

Experience menu – Zagreb Surroundings

Meet the Neanderthal  Relatives

  • Meet the Neanderthals, the magical and mystical ancestors of the European people who hold one of the many secrets of the beginning of our species. Due to the richest and most various fossil collection this is the most famous site of the Neanderthal man in the world. The Krapina Neanderthal Museum covers a surface area of around 1,200 m² and is one of the most modern museums in central Europe.  Join our time machine and go back 130.000 years. Check if you could survive the way they use to live. Light the fire, make yourself a stone weapon, grill your lunch.

Dare to be brave

  • Allow us to take you to the past of our Croatian Zagorje, to the age of honour, ladies, knights, swords, ballads, serenades, fools, sorcerers, witches, nobility and peasants…By winning the knights tournament you will join the knights order! With renaissance dances and medieval feast.

Retro Tour –  President Tito

  • One of the legends of socialism, still a very intriguing story full of controversies which occupies many historians trying to find out the truth about his background. Was he realy born in a little village near Zagreb or he was sent from Russia? Due to its magnificant charisma he was adored by his people. Every year for his birthday a ceremonial baton with a special note in it was carried from hand to hand through all six republics of former Yugoslavia ending the tour in Belgrade on his birthday celebration. In ethno village Kumrovec, the village where he was born, we organize retro activities connected to those times.

Make Your Own  “Mošt”

Archaeology Tour

  • Join the archaeologists at their work on most interesting new locations in Croatia. Be a part of new discoveries. We invite you to join this project. Combine being in the unspoilt nature with an opportunity to learn, discover and touch ancient cultures. Beside the enjoyment of your discovery process your effort will contribute to the preservation of croatian historical legacy. If you have ever had a desire to have a “hands on experience” in archaeology, we offer the very unique opportunity to work with the team recording ancient sites on public lands administered by the Zagreb Archaeology Museum.

Experience menu – Slavonija & Baranja

In the wild

  • Wildlife watching and mountaineering in Slavonia and Baranya Between the blue waters of the mighty Danube and the green beauties, rivers Sava and Drava, you will find Slavonia and Baranya, with their golden fields, spacious vineyards and dense oak forests. At the edges the green plains dive into the big rivers and in the west, just like a wreath, gentle mountains rise.  Their untouched nature will make you feel true admiration and simply call you to explore it. We will help you in your quest and take you to the marshlands of Kopački rit and mountainous woods of Papuk Nature Park.

Experience menu

The land of beer

  • Come and enjoy the region where back in 1697 the first Croatian beer was made! You’ve probably heard about our wine tours, maybe even experienced one, and now you have a chance to try something new, equally tasty if not more, as the beer lovers would say!
    Let us take you on a journey where you will get to know some of the most beer-like places in Croatia, taste homemade beer, probably for the first time in your life have a sip of beer-schnapps and participate in our little beer school.

Fly me to the Moon

  • Discover the Solar system, look for comets or even planets in the heart of pitoresque region Istria, in Višnjan in one of world’s most prolific observatory. By working in small teams, under professional surveillance not only you will enjoy in endless universe but maybe you will enrich youreselves by cosmic energy and everlasting ideas. If Moon or Sun seem untouchable by teleskope, try to reach them with hot air baloon.
    The view from above will capture your mind forever… and ever!

Panonian  Sea Coast – Geological Tour

  • Zoological, botanical, geological and an adrenalin-high visit to Slavonia and Baranya Between the blue waters of the mighty Danube and the green beauties, rivers Sava and Drava, you will find Slavonia and Baranya, with their golden fields, spacious vineyards and dense oak forests. At the edges the green plains dive into the big rivers and in the west, just like a wreath, gentle mountains rise. Once these plains were the bottom of the vast Pannonian Sea that stretched from Vienna and Budapest towards Bosnia and Romania and the gentle mountains of Slavonia and Baranya used to be green and beautiful islands.

Greetings to the Sun

  • Each nation has its sacred mountain. Greeks have Olimp, Japanese have Mt. Fuji and Croatians have Velebit. By discovering the  untouched nature, preserved biodiversity and natural phenomena you will refresh your mind and spirit with myriad of new ideas and plans. Sipping your first morning coffee on top of the mountain with breathtaking view to the sunrise over the coast and islands sounds like a dream come true. Whether you visit Velebit hiking, trekking, cycling or climbing this adventure will be a long lasting memory!

Experience menu – Dalmatia

Island Hopping

  • Over a 1000 islands in the Adriatic to explore, innumerable bays and coves, glorious unspoiled beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, magnificent mountain views, delicious gastronomy, 8 beautiful National Parks ( Krka, Mljet, Plitvice, Vransko Jezero, Telaščica) brimming with wildlife and a Mediterranean climate balmy enough to grow palms, vines and olives, it is not difficult to see why Croatia is becoming a very popular holiday destination. One of the best ways to enjoy Croatia’s coast and the Dalmatian Islands is our specialty!

Experience menu – Island Brač

Stone Dress – Fashion Tour

  • Fashion is both an art form and a powerful industry throughout the world. It’s one subject that draws as much attention in the smallest of consumer markets as it does in high-powered investment deals, and it certainly merits consideration as a valid career path. Besides that, it’s sheer fun – one of the most vibrant and energetic industries in the world. And now you get to be a part! The fashion industry can take you all around the globe. We designed for you custom fashion tour which takes you deep in the history of fashion and gives you the proof that even now day’s tradition and history live in almost all fashion trends.

Experience menu – Dubrovnik


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